CSE-TW 981資訊課程:(五)

10月1日起,CSE.TW將安排六場資訊課程。 (課程網頁)

時間:2009/11/19 18:30-20:30
地點:元智大學一館 R1007


Python is a popular programming language that can be used in a wide variety of domains, from scripting for server administrations to scienti?c calculations. It is often being considered easy to learn, but can signi?cantly increase productivity and code quality. Many even say Python is the most enjoyable way to program.  In this lecture, I will try to cover the following subjects:

  1. An introduction to Python
  2. The Python interpreter
  3. Basic Python program structure
  4. Built-in types
  5. Basic Flow Control
  6. List comprehension
  7. Function

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